Announcing A New Addition!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I am excited to announce a new and exciting addition to my blog! Or at least I think that its pretty exciting.

Ok everybody, pull up a cozy spot on the couch or settle into your favorite reading chair because I am adding a new category to my blog. Its called The Writer’s Nook.

The Writer’s Nook is a special spot reserved especially for those that love to write. Whether it be books, poetry, songs, or anything and everything in between. Each week I will try to showcase one person and their work for you to read. In every post, there will be a photo of the writer, an excerpt of their work, and some fun, interesting questions and answers that will allow you, the reader, to get to know them a little better. I will also include websites and links to purchase the works, the writer’s own blog, and email addresses if provided by the author so that you may contact them about their creative writings and ideas. So please stop by and check them out. Its guarenteed to be a real page turner! Thanks and enjoy!


The Writer’s Nook Presents:

Hi everybody and welcome to The Writer’s Nook. This is going to be the first post here. Actually, I posed this earlier but I wanted to repost it and put it in its proper place. But trust me, its worth another look.

Are you looking for a really good story to read? Well, I have got one for you. I just finished reading WHEN CLOUDS GATHER by Ryan Jo Summers. This mystery romance is an amazing story with loveable characters, believeable, true life situations, and several twists and turns that will continue to snag your attention. In this post, I have included a few details about the book that will be guarenteed to make your mouth water but for full satisfaction, you’ll have to go buy the book. At the bottom of this post are some links to check out to purchase this very interesting story. Enjoy!

WHEN CLOUDS GATHER is a romantic suspense and it tells the story of Darby Adams, a single mother who runs a very sucessful bread and breakfast in the coastal town of Driftwood Shores. Her life is a busy one-running a business, taking in and fostering the small town’s unwanted animals, and caring for her teenage son, Matt. Things seem to be going well until one of her guests turns up dead and Darby becomes suspect number one.

Sam Golden is a private investigator and is new to the town of Driftwood Shores. He too is a single parent and struggling to raise his rebelious teenage daughter, Madison. Sam is hired by the murdered victims family to collect Darby and put her behind bars. But he is not all that convinced that the beautiful, single mother is capable of cold blooded murder.

As Sam begins to get to know Darby better, he becomes convinced of her innocence. But believing it and proving it are two different things.  Suddenly, Darby and Sam are thrust right in the middle of strange and terrifing situatuions that not only endanger them, and their new, struggling love, but also the very lives of their children.  Darby and Sam have to fight side by side to save their kids from someone intent on keeping the truth buried.


“So tell me about the real Sam Golden,” she asked as he sat down on the sofa, taking her with him and wrapping his arms around her waist. His amused chuckle sounded soft against her ear. Leaning her head back and closing her heavy eyes, she listened to the steadily beating rhythm of his heart. It sounded so . . .reassuring. The kids handled the news well as she presented it to them together. She bit her tongue as she assured them the police were looking into it, assured them she and Sam were unharmed and apologized for the party ending early. Now, that behind her, and the house put right again, she wanted her own reassurances—from Sam. “What do you want to know? I though you already knew me like a book.” His voice made a rumbling growl next to her ear, making her smile. She could happily listen to his rumbling voice and beating heart all day. A sense of peace settled over her, washing away the concerns of the past hours and the aches from cleaning the house. “Hardly. I don’t know half as much about you as you seem to know about me,” she protested. “I want to know everything about you. Like, for instance, what’s your middle name?” “My middle name?” he echoed. “Okay, it’s Jonathan. I’m the youngest son of Ben and Tamara Golden. I have two sisters, Rebecca and Susanna. My brother is Aaron.” “Samuel Jonathan Golden,” she tried the name slowly, liking how noble it sounded. She could have asked him questions all night if she hadn’t drifted off to sleep just then.


ryan jo summers

ryan jo summers pic

You can check out this book and other great books by Ryan at these sites:

Her website:

To learn more about this remarkable author, be sure to stop by:




Happy Sunday Everyone.

I know, I know, its been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. Boy, not being able to have access to the internet has been hard and quite frustrating. But I wanted to post a short post while I have a chance.  My family and I are intending to hit the beach this summer-we have never been-but in the meantime, we are trying to explore the area around us. For example, just yesterday, we went to Devil’s Den State Park in West Fork, Arkansas. It is free to enter into the park but if you want to do things like paddleboating or swimming, it does cost but its not that expensive. We have never been there before and it was very beautiful. Huge boulders, deep caves, and amazing frozen waterfalls. I am including some pictures with this post so you can check out the beauty for yourself. Enjoy!

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DSCF0101    DSCF0102

Am Amazing Movie

If u want to check out an incredible, action packed movie, let me recommend The Equalizer. This movie us extremely detailed and action packed. It stars Denzel Washington as an average Joe, a good guy that goes to work every day and strives to help those around him. Including a poor girl forced into prostitution. But when the girl’s pimp refuses to let her go, this average Joe takes matters into his own hands doing everything he has to to help her escape the awful place she’s found herself. A truely great movie that keeps u on the edge of ur seat and saying “Oh my gosh!” So go check it out today. U won’t be sorry.

I’m still here!!!!!

I have typed out many posts in my phone but for some reason they are not going thru and posting. I am on net 10 service but i would nor recommend it to anyone. In fact, i am switching as soon as i can get the $ to do so. But don’t give up on me. I am working in my second book in my Angel serie, the first one-Angel in the Shadows-is due to be out summer 2015 thru Soul Mate Publishing. Stop by and check out all the great books!