Here to tantalize us…Claire Gem!

 Good Morning Everyone. Today I have the incredibly talented author Claire Gem and her newest release, A Taming Season.
Hi Claire. I am so glad you are here with us today. You have a new book out. That is so exciting. Can you tell us a little more about it?


I’d be happy to. In fact, I will give you the blurb.

A TAMING SEASON, A Love at Lake George Novel, Book 1

Manhattan domestic violence counselor Zoe Anderson is going on the most important vacation of her life.

Before she can move on, help other women, Zoe needs to heal herself. Her Cinderella life shattered three years ago one fateful night, leaving her a young widow, scarred inside and out. In an attempt to reclaim her life, bury her demons, and save her job, Zoe sets out for picturesque Lake George to claim the treasured family cottage she recently inherited. Her therapist’s advice: Reboot, restore to an earlier time.

What she finds is a rundown shack.

The neighboring resort mogul, Jason Rolland, whisks in to her rescue, insisting Zoe stay at his upscale Lakeview Lodge. The wealthy, handsome bachelor has a bank account as big as his ego, along with his own nighttime radio show where he plays the love guru of Jason’s Lair. He figures he might use the gifts God gave him to convince the sexy redheaded stranger to give up the crumbling eye-sore next door. A challenge he’s definitely up for. Besides, he’s been trying to buy the cabin—and demolish it—for years: the last reminder of his own tragic, childhood memories.

Zoe can’t deny her attraction to the tall, dark-haired Jason with his pool-water blue eyes. Definitely fling material—if she can just get past those flashbacks from the night everything changed. And the knowledge that when it comes to happy-ever-after, you usually don’t get a second chance. Certainly not possible with the Tiger of Jason’s Lair.

What Jason doesn’t figure on is Zoe’s charms melting his emotional armor, exposing his own bruised, battered heart. But with his reputation, can he ever win her trust & love? Can a tiger really change his stripes? Or will their pasts come back to bite them both?

Wow, this sounds incredibly exciting and dangerous. Just up my alley. Now that we know a little more about your book, let’s find out more about you. For example, are you coffee drinker? If so, how do you take it?

  Black – no cream, no sugar. I like my caffeine kick undiluted.

You are much tougher than me. I have to have LOTS of added sugar and creamer.

Okay, here’s a fun question. If you could have one mythical creature exist, what would it be? Why?

I would absolutely love to have a pet dragon. Of course, I’d have to raise one from the egg so I could train it properly to use its fire-breathing capabilities: to start the fire pit, and not incinerate my adversaries. Unless under direct order.

LOL. I love it! Good choice. Dragons are so mysterious and amazing. I don’t know how well they would do in the world today. Maybe back in the Dark Ages though…Speaking of which, if you could live in another time, when would it be? Why?

Early fifteenth century in eastern Europe, i.e., what is now Belgium. No real explanation for this except that I’ve been obsessed with this area, and this time in history, since I was a child. I miss it like I’ve lived then, and there, before…maybe in a previous life.

That sounds like a good reason to me.

So what is one thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?

 Although a child of the fifties, having grown up in the era of disco, my tastes in music run the gamut from classical to progressive metal. The last four concerts I’ve attended, within as many years, were heavy metal bands. And no, I was not the oldest in the crowd—my brother, ten years my senior, bought the tickets for us.

It sounds like you like variety. I’m the same way. The more diverse something is, the better the range is for creativity.

One last question:

Pick your poison. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

 Vodka martini, Absolut Citron, NO OLIVES. Just a few lime squeezes and rocks on the side, please (can you tell I’ve ordered this a few times?)

Sounds like you have it down all right. Sounds pretty tasty. I might just have to try it sometime…

I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing not only your book details, but also some info about you. It’s always nice to get to know an author better. I think it makes reading their books that much more enjoyable. If fans would like to get in touch with you, where can they find you?

They can click on one of the links below:






Amazon Author Page


For more about Claire, she’s been kind enough to include her bio.

Claire writes intensely emotional romantic novels. Her vision is to transport her readers into another place and time, creating characters so real, readers miss them when they reach The End. Her heroes are hot, & her heroines strong and brave: a combination producing the spark to fan the flames of your most intense romantic fantasies. Claire’s characters are human, just like you & me. They make mistakes, they get clumsy sometimes, & they’re not too proud to laugh at themselves & each other.

The keyword here is EMOTION. Big on the *Sigh* factor, Claire’s stories aim to hit you straight in the heart and leave you smiling through happy tears.

She writes in two genres: romance w/a ghostly twist, and sexy contemporary. Claire’s books are like a thrill ride at a theme park. Whether it’s spooky-scary, angst-ridden relationships filled with gut-wrenching turmoil, silly chuckle moments, or face-fanning sex scenes, Claire guarantees to take you on an emotionally intense romantic journey.