Hello friends. I just wanted to let u know that i am still here. But bc i no longer have internet on my computer work-the bosses cut it front ONLY my computer-and i don’t get a very good signal on my cell phone (not an iphone or galaxy 😦 ), i don’t get to check in very often. I had hoped to post a lot if Christmas posts but it doesn’t look like its going to happen any time soon. But please, don’t give up on me! I WILL keep trying to post new stuff as much as possible. And I WILL BE BACK as much as i can as soon as i can. Thank u. 🙂


23 days til Christmas

Well everyone, its less than a month til Christmas. R u ready? I know I’m not. I haven’t even started my shopping. But of course, the holidays are not all about gifts. They are about spending time w family and friends. In the next posts over the following months, I will be adding great Christmas recipes, crafts, decoration ideas, gift ideas, powerful stories and pictures, and much more. Be sure to stop by and check them out. Please take time to hit the like button. And follow my blog to always find out what’s new. Thank u.