Happy Sunday Everyone.

I know, I know, its been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. Boy, not being able to have access to the internet has been hard and quite frustrating. But I wanted to post a short post while I have a chance.  My family and I are intending to hit the beach this summer-we have never been-but in the meantime, we are trying to explore the area around us. For example, just yesterday, we went to Devil’s Den State Park in West Fork, Arkansas. It is free to enter into the park but if you want to do things like paddleboating or swimming, it does cost but its not that expensive. We have never been there before and it was very beautiful. Huge boulders, deep caves, and amazing frozen waterfalls. I am including some pictures with this post so you can check out the beauty for yourself. Enjoy!

DSCF0006       DSCF0023 DSCF0032      DSCF0062

DSCF0101    DSCF0102


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