Announcing A New Addition!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I am excited to announce a new and exciting addition to my blog! Or at least I think that its pretty exciting.

Ok everybody, pull up a cozy spot on the couch or settle into your favorite reading chair because I am adding a new category to my blog. Its called The Writer’s Nook.

The Writer’s Nook is a special spot reserved especially for those that love to write. Whether it be books, poetry, songs, or anything and everything in between. Each week I will try to showcase one person and their work for you to read. In every post, there will be a photo of the writer, an excerpt of their work, and some fun, interesting questions and answers that will allow you, the reader, to get to know them a little better. I will also include websites and links to purchase the works, the writer’s own blog, and email addresses if provided by the author so that you may contact them about their creative writings and ideas. So please stop by and check them out. Its guarenteed to be a real page turner! Thanks and enjoy!


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