Monster Mud Recipe

This stuff is super cool and easy to make. With this devilish goop, you can make just about anything you can imagine!


  • 5 gallon bucket of Drywall Joint Compound
  • 1 Gallon Can of Latex Paint (Exterior House Black or any color you choose)

Step 1:

Mix together at a raito of 5:1. Use a drywall compound mixing attachment and a drill to whip. You can do it by hand but it will take about 30 minutes.


Step 2:

Coat your hands with petroleum jelly before applying because M.M. will dry and stain your hands. Apply to whatever creepy creation you are making with  your hands. Apply M.M. by taking the sections of your material and plunge into bucket then squeexe excess out.

Note: It takes several days for M.M. to dry depending on how heavily it is applied. For outdoor props, coat with a polyurethane.





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