Ode to a Computer…

Hi everyone. Today is a sad and terrible day for me. I just list a very old, very good friend. My laptop.

‘Ol Red and I have been through a lot together.

From the first day I held it in my arms 9 years ago, I felt something special. And I had such high hopes for it. I just knew it would do wonders. When it needed energy, I plugged it in. When it was sick, I took it to the doctor. I took care of ‘Ol Red.

And it did! It connected me to my family that lived far away, it played games and music and it entertained my kids and I for many years. It kept my secrets, my pictures and videos, my memories safe. It showed us the world.  But that’s not all.

‘Ol Red helped me achieve my dream to become a published author. Yes, with Red by my side, we wrote not one but two wonderful stories together.

‘Ol Red was there for me and I was there for it. When it needed energy, I plugged it in. When it was sick, I took it to the doctor. We made a great team.

But lately ‘Ol Red’s health has been steadily going down hill. First, it began to lose energy quickly and had to be plugged in more often. Then eventually, it was able to wake up on it’s own without a shot of electricity. We went on that way for a long time until today when it’s life force, the cord giving it energy, gave up the fight.

So sadly, today, January 7, 2016, I have to say goodbye to ‘ Ol Red. We’ve been through a lot together and I will never forget you. You were my first laptop and you will live in my memory forever.

Goodbye old friend….




One thought on “Ode to a Computer…

  1. Laughing my head off! I actually had to bury two ‘ol friends in the last two months. I wrote five books on them, so sad to lose those faithful machines. The good news is my new friends are fantastic, who says ‘ol dogs can’t change? Believe me, soon that ‘ol dog will be a memory.

    Good luck,

    Tema Merback

    Writing as Belle Ami

    The One (The Only One) #1

    The One & More (The Only One) #2

    Coming 2016 – One More Time is Not Enough (The Only One) #3



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