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Thank you Amy, for having me on your blog today. I’m really excited to be here and share my books with you,
I love to read and I love romance. I write hot, sizzling love stories. A large cup of coffee is always within my reach as I sit at my computer and bring characters to life. I spend so much time with them, they become real people. I only hope I carry that over into my writing so readers can be involved in the story and feel the emotions of the hero and heroine.
Ever since I can remember, I have loved curling up with a book. Once I found historical romance novels, I couldn’t put a book down. I fell in love with the characters and needed to know their happy ending. Once I decided to pursue my own dream of writing, I joined RWA, took workshops, entered contests, and never gave up.
My first historical “The Right One”, was a Golden Rose finalist. I signed my first contract with Soul Mate Publishing in 2013, and since then I’ve had four books published in historical and contemporary romance. In my historical series, each book has a beginning and a romantically satisfying end for my characters happily ever after. The third book, The Only One, in The One and Only Series is available October 14th.  

A dangerous lord’s warning sparks devastating results
One impulsive kiss to prove the young girl flirted with danger shakes Giles’ firm resolve, causing him to flee. Tormented with longing for the woman who branded his very soul, he returns to claim the love he’d carelessly thrown away.

A girl’s determination triggers a woman’s desire
From the first moment Alexandria saw the duke she decided he would be hers. A feisty girl seduces the lord with a woman’s passion determined to get the man she wants.

For the holidays, I have a contemporary coming out Dec 1st. A Hero Grinch for Christmas. Not there’s a catchy title and the book is exactly that. War hero, Hunter Graham, has seen enough devastation to last a lifetime. At the end of his latest Army term, he accepted his discharge papers and never looked back. Dani will not allow The Grinch to hide from Christmas. She will cure Hunter of his nasty mood, even if it kills her. So look for it in December.

After that I have a fireman series planned. As a kid, I played with fire trucks and guns. No dolls for me. Yep, a regular Tom Boy. I spent hours putting their little plastic hats on their head, the little rubber hose in their tiny hands and positioning them on the ladder. And now that I’m older, I still like big handsome firemen. Chuckle. So hopefully next year The Firemen of Station #8 Series.

I invite you to lay the worries of the world off your shoulders and get lost in the pages of a romance, where you embark on a journey with the hero and heroine, become involved in a dream, plunge into a world of fantasy, live an adventure your heart can share.

Please visit my website to learn more about me and my books. I love to hear from readers.    http://www.samanthyawyatt.com
And I would love it if you like my facebook author page !   https://www.facebook.com/Samanthya-Wyatt-Author-1498001047086140/timeline/?ref=hl

See how it all started with Book 1 in the One and Only Series
The Right One   –    Book 1 – Morgan’s Story
He abducts the wrong woman . . . she proves she is the right one.

Find out what happened to Kat’s brother in the thrilling sequel
The True One   –   Book 2 – Stephen’s story
Will the passion they share be enough? He must choose—her or revenge.

If you liked the introduction of the duke in the first book, now read Giles story.
The Only One   –   Book 3 – Giles’ story

Find Samanthya Wyatt @    http://www.samanthyawyat.com  , amazon, FaceBook, Goodreads, Soul Mate Publishing, and Night Owl Reviews.

All books available at  amazon.com
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