Just have to let off some steam…..

I would just like to take a moment to rant a little if u don’t mind. Why is it that ex’s (as in ex-wives, ex-husbands, or anyone type of ex) feel the need to try and tear you down? And why, when there are kids involved, do these so called “adults” act like children and actively manipulate the real kids, convincing them that the other parent is a horrible, selfish person while playing the victim thselves? And when there is domestic abuse involved and the kids still side w the abuser bc he’s so sick and helpless and can’t work, what is a honest, hardworking parent to do? Especially when everything they do to make things easier for the kids is basically non-existant in the face of the the lying and manipulatives ways of the other “adult”? And when DHS refuses to step in after numerous calls about the filthy living conditions that said kids are inhabiting while with this irresponsible parent. With not enough money to hire an attorney, what can be done?


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