Thanksgiving is only 2 days away!

Ok, so the biggest eating holiday is only 2 days away. By now, you should plans in place, all of your food bought, and are raring to go. Some of us will have Thanksgiving dinner at home, some of us will go to a family members’ house (or as in my case, several family members’ houses to make all the rounds), and still others may decide to go out to a restaurant with their families and friends, effectively avoiding all of the time consuming cooking and equally time consuming clean up. But wherever you go, just be sure to take a moment-or several-to remember that this holiday is not about the food that’s prepared and eaten. Its about being with your family and friends. And being thankful for what you have. I know I am thankful that I get to be with my family because there are plenty of others that don’t get to be. Our troops spread out across the globe, the homeless, the orphaned. Those people don’t get to see their families or even have families. Realize how lucky we are to have what we have and to be where we are because it could be so much worse. And while your saying grace before diving into a delicious meal, add those less fortuante to your prayers. Ask for them to be looked after and blessed. And although the holidays may be stressful, enjoy your family and the time that you get with them no matter where you are. Happy Thanksgiving All!


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