Thanksgiving is coming, Thanksgiving is coming….

Hi everybody! Well, we are most definitely in the holiday seasons now. Thanksgiving is only 8 days away, Christmas is going to be upon us before we know it (and before we’re ready for it), and New Year’s Eve rides the coat tails of Christmas. For those that celebrate the holidays (there are some that don’t I suppose), there is a lot going on. Food to be made, presents to be bought and wrapped, decorations to be done….We are busy, busy, busy. But in the midst of our holiday rush, let’s not forget that the holidays are about much more than getting presents and stuffing ourselves silly. Its about family and friends and being kind and welcoming to those less fortunate than ourselves. So be sure to take an extra minute or two to let your family and friends know how much they mean to you. And take a few minutes to say hi to someone who is struggling and help them if you can. That could easily be you. Or me. Its not about what we get. Its about what we give. And I don’t mean presents. I mean love, kindness, generosity….Happy holidays everyone!


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