Its Election Day

Hi everyone. As anyone in the U.S. probably knows, it is election day. The day where any registered voter can go out and cast their vote for all of the important details concerning the government. Anything from alcohol sales to the raising of taxes, education bills, and raising the minimum wage. I for one, am not a voter but there are many others that are. I know, I know, every vote counts and I should make it a priority to become registered and do my part if I want a better government. And I do want a better government, I do. But honestly the very idea of learning and researching government issues bores me to tears and makes my eyes go more than a little blurry. But I am going to change that. I obviously can not vote today-not a registered voter-but I am determined that by the next time elections come around, I will be out there casting my vote with most of the country, hoping for a better country. My best friend in the entire world (she requests that I do not name her in anything I write) has hounded me and hounded me, trying to make me more aware of the consequences of not voting. And she’s right. Another thing she is right about is this: if we do not go out and vote, then we can not ethically and morally have any reason to gripe about the way things are. And that’s true. If we don’t try to change things, then we can not complain. So, if you are a registered voter, get out there and vote. Try to make things better for yourself and others around you. Thanks.


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