Rounding Out Your Party Music…..

To finish off your night in style, add these spooky songs.

1. Stephen Lynch-Halloween–This one starts out sweetly, giving candy to trick-or-treaters. But then out comes the chainsaw!

2. The Ramones-Pet Sematary–A literal, yet comical explanation of the plot from the 1989 film about reanimated pets.

3. John Carpenter-Halloween 1963–Perhaps not as famous as the main theme from the 1978 classic but just as spooky.

4. Christopher Young-Hellraiser–He’s got pins sticking out of his head — what’s his theme song gonna be, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’?

5. Girl Under Glass-Halloween–The abrupt, disconnected staccato style used on the keyboards here appears in many other popular horror themes.

6. Mannheim Steamroller-Hall of the Mountain King–The long-reigning kings of Christmas-themed classical songs take a stab at Halloween music.

7. Cher-Dark Lady–Who could love Halloween more than costume-crazy Cher? Wear what you want, babe!

8. Helloween-Halloween–These guys were born to make Halloween music. Naturally, this comes from a long concept album

10. Elvire-Haunted House–The bawdy “mistress of the dark” takes a break from hosting movies to sing a scary song for us.

11. Ministry-Everyday Is Halloween–Before they went all industrial, Ministry sang about things that go bump in the night, club-style.

12. Daemonia-Demon–These Italian metalheads create a haunting prog-rock tribute to horror director Dario Argento.

13. Susan Sarandon-Over at the Frankenstein Place–Her role in this camp classic proves this five-time Oscar nominee always had a lighter side.

14. Andrew Gold-It Must Be Halloween–The writer of ‘Lonely Boy‘ and the ‘Golden Girls‘ theme tries his hand at Halloween music.

15. Fred Molin-Friday the 13th: The Series’ Intro–It was weird to have a TV show with this name and no Jason, but the song’s still creepy as hell.

16. Warner Bros. Orchestra-Mars Attacks–Theremins, aliens from trading cards and a full orchestra combine for outer-space based terror!

17. Rob Zombie-Halloween (She Gets So Mean)–Zombie gathers friends — human and otherwise — for a compilation of demented Halloween music.

18. Goblin-L’alba dei Morti Viventi–The Italian rockers’ song scares you, even as it lumbers along at a zombie’s pace.

19. Oingo Boingo–Weird Science–Noted composer Danny Elfman, who you’ll see a lot on this list, was also in this quirky band.

20. The Cranberries-Zombie–A great, but unfortunately overplayed song. Now, even the slowest of zombies run away when they hear it.

21. Ozzy Osbourne-Hellraiser–Ozzy? Hellraiser? Nah. Let’s be honest: We’ve all peed on the Alamo or bitten a bat’s head off.

22. Mike Stewart-Casper, the Friendly Ghost–A mean ghost, we can relate to, but a friendly ghost? What’s he up to? Isn’t that more scary?

23. Metallica-Enter Sandman–If James Hetfield really did sing to his kids like that at night, they’d never get out of therapy.

25.  Squirrel Nut Zippers-Hell–These musical Big Band historians blend pre-rock genres while warning of karma’s long arm.

26. Mannheim Steamroller-Rite of Twilight (twilight zone theme)–Founder Chip Davis fuses classical music with electric bass and keyboards — an idea so perverse and bizarre it could have only come from …

27. Ghastly Ones-Diabolo’s Theme–Rob Zombie’s retro-minded pals prove rock was scary even before distortion came along.

28. Nerf Herder-Buffy the Vampire(Theme)–Catchy tune, great show, but these guys are doomed to walk under a cursed moon ever since they messed with noted good guy Sammy Hagar.

29. Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark–These guys are so bada– they have a murderous, time-traveling, immortal zombie as their mascot.

30. Marilyn Manson-Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This–Manson takes on the Eurythmics‘ New Wave hit and turns it into a hard-rocking, mentally disturbing track.

31. Los Straightjackets-The Munsters Theme–Four luchador mask-wearing retro-instrumental stars scare up their version of the classic TV theme.

32. John Carpenter-The Boogie Man Is Coming–As classes end on Halloween Day, seemingly innocent schoolyard chants foreshadow true evil.

33. Golden Earring-Twilightzone–You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape the eerie madness of that bass line.

34. Danny Elfman-Oogie Boogie’s Song–The one true baddie among Halloween Town’s otherwise friendly monsters explains his philosophy and motives.

35. Rob Zombie-Everybody Scream–This Zombie works fast — directing movies and still finding time for scary songs.

36. Mannheim Steamroller-Toccata in de Mole–You may not know it by name, but this is the classic Halloween song; the one you think of when you picture a haunted castle or mad scientist’s lab.

37. Jace Everett-Bad Things–HBO’s ‘True Blood‘ offers a nice change of pace with this sultry, country-tinged theme song.

38. Julianne Baird-Dark Shadows Theme–This initially straight-ahead soap opera broke new ground in the late ’60s by featuring ghosts, vampires and, of course, creepy music.

39. Alice Cooper-Feed My Frankenstein–Featured in the classic cult movie ‘Wayne’s World,’ when Wayne and Garth get backstage passes to Cooper’s concert.

40. Billy Lee Riley-Nightmare Mash–This rockabilly doo-wop song recounts a nightmare featuring ghouls, Frankenstein’s monster, zombies and “all them weird things.”

41. The Doors-People Are Strange–The heavy-drinking, crotch-exposing, esoteric poet and “Lizard King” calls us strange, huh?

42. Danny Elfman-Prelude–Elfman creatively reworks the classic original score from Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous film.

43. Richard Band-Puppet Master–The perfect music for bringing evil puppets to life. Not sure why you’d ever want to do that …

44. Godsmack-Vampires–A calm, documentary-style narrator ponders vampires, as the band rages on behind him

45. Napoleon XIV-They’re Coming To Take Me Away-Ha-Haaaa!–Be careful when you dump your lover, folks, it could be what sends him or her to the insane asylum!

46. Wojciech Kilar-Vampire Hunter–This authoritative, cello-heavy piece suits the film‘s traditional take on the ‘Dracula’ book.

47. Rob Zombie-House of 1000 Corpses–Zombie puts on his cowboy hat and adds stomping piano to his country-fried tale of woe.

48. The Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the Devil–The Devil himself narrates: “Use all your well-learned politesse, or I’ll lay your soul to waste.”

49. Talking Heads-Psycho Killer–Granted, Rob Zombie looks scarier than David Byrne, but listen to this and then tell us: Which one would you rather have in your house?

50. Nine Inch Nails-Dead Souls–How on Earth did we get this far without mentioning Trent Reznor, our favorite self-torturing friend?

51. Sheb Wooley-The Purple People Eater–Yeah, OK, he’s huge, purple and has one eye. But deep down, all he wants to do is rock.

52. Gerard McMann-Cry Little Sister–From the 1987 teen-vampire hit ‘The Lost Boys,’ which gets partial thanks (or blame) for ‘Twilight.’



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