Stranded Urban Legends


We’ve all heard these. There has even been movies about them….


One night a young couple were driving home from a party. They didn’t feel like heading straight home so the boyfriend said “Lets go for a drive and we can spend some time alone together.” His girlfriend agreed so they set off down a lonely country road and were soon far away from any houses and got deeper into remote bush-land.

Suddenly the car hit a log fallen across the middle of the road. The couple were startled when the car jolted to a stop, they had not seen the log in time. The boyfriend said “I’d better take a look to see if there’s any damage.” The girlfriend shivered with apprehension as it was so dark outside. “Be careful” she exclaimed.

After a while the boyfriend came around to the window. “The log we hit has damaged the car badly and we wont be able to drive it . I will need some help to fix it. I thought I saw a light on a few miles back so I will go and see if I can get help.” His girlfriend said “No its too dangerous.” He replied “Don’t worry I’ll be fine, anyway we have no choice”.

The girl said, “I’m coming with you”. “No you stay here and lock all the doors and no matter what, promise me you wont get out of the car”. The girl felt very fearful but agreed to do as he said. More than an hour passed and the boyfriend had not returned. The girl began to worry and thought about getting out to go look for her boyfriend.

Then she remembered the promise she made to him and decided to wait a bit longer. She put on the radio to try and take her mind off the rising fear she felt. The only station she could pick up was a was a boring local country station. She listened to a few songs and then a news broadcast came on.

There was a story about an escapee form a local lunatic asylum. People were warned to lock all their doors as this deranged escapee was considered extremely dangerous. The girl became even more fearful but decided to stay put and wait for her boyfriend.

She must have dozed off for she was awoken by a loud “tap tap tap” on the roof of the car. Startled she looked out the windows to see if it was her boyfriend returned, but she could see nothing but darkness. The sound came again tap…….tap………. tap, and she wondered what could be causing it?

Too fearful from the events which had passed that evening she could not bring herself to get out to see what it was. The noise continued tap……… tap……… tap, this went on for some time.

Suddenly she was blinded by harsh light and could see headlights shining through the front windscreen. She hesitated wondering if it was safe to get out when she heard a voice over a megaphone “You in the car, I want you to listen very carefully. I want you to slowly get out of the car and come toward me. I am a police officer and it is very important that you do exactly what I say. You are in danger. You must get out of the car immediately and slowly walk over here but whatever you do don’t turn around and don’t look back!”

She heard the noise again, tap……….. tap………. tap. Shaking with terror she slowly opened the car door . She climbed out of the car, the policeman said “that’s it, now walk towards me without any sudden movement and remember whatever you do don’t look back!” She quickened her pace as she got closer to the police car and as she almost reached the officer she couldn’t help herself and turned around.

There on the roof of the car was a bent over figure of a man holding a stick, on the end of the stick she saw to her great horror her boyfriends severed head, the figure was banging it on the roof tap………… tap…………. tap. Story

Story 2:

One night a young couple were driving home on prom night. They were in a happy mood until the girlfriend said, “let’s just take a longer drive down the road” and the boyfriend agreed. Soon they could see nothing but bushes and darkness. The boyfriend, tired from driving, dozed off a bit until they hit a lonely dog who was wandering around that area. The girlfriend must have dozed off too because they both woke up in sudden shock. The boyfriend said “let me have a look at what we hit” and the shaken girlfriend thought it was a good idea. After about one minute, the boyfriend leaned over the window and said the damage was bad and they needed serious help. He told her that his dad’s mechanic was a good friend, and lived ten Kilometers from where they were.

Luckily, The boyfriend’s bike was in the trunk and he told his girlfriend to lock all doors and make sure no windows are down. I’ll be back in about an hour. He kissed her and sped off. Now, getting a bit lonely and scared she decided to have a smoke, but then thought about her boyfriend and what he had said. So instead, she looked on the dashboard to see if their were any old magazines to read. She found one and read it with enjoyment, but later got bored and decided to turn on the radio. She listened to her favorite singers “Highway Blues” when Breaking News came on. The reporter said there was a madman on the loose and he was very dangerous. She got scared and wanted to look for her boyfriend, but didn’t. Instead, she crept in the backseat to see if she could take a nap.

Soon, she heard someone singing the same song she heard on the radio, except in a more high-pitched voice. She thought it was her boyfriend but it appeared to be a man with thick, black eyebrows and big, black shoes, with a clownish look. She slowly looked over the window and to her shock saw the man singing the song while cutting her boyfriends leg. Terrified, she sat down and could hear her own heart pounding. She saw spare keys in one of the backseat pockets, and sped off as fast as she could, never realizing she was driving like a lunatic. Fortunately, she made it to the mechanic’s garage and spent the night. Morning dawned and she called the police. They caught the madman but her boyfriend’s body was nowhere to be found. She never forgot that moment in her life.

Story 3:

A boy and his girlfriend went out in a remote area of the town to “have some personal time.” Later on, the girlfriend said that she was tired and wanted to go home. He said “okay” and went to get out of the car. Then she turned on the radio and heard that this madman was on the loose after breaking free from the local insane asylum.

He said “don’t get out of the car and lock the doors. I’ll be right back.” So she waited for him. And waited and waited. She tried to take a nap but couldn’t because she was worrying where he could be. She heard this “tap tap tap” on the window next to her.

She looked, hoping to see her boyfriend’s face to let him in. Instead it was this man’s face that was dirty and scarred from cuts. His eyes were bloodshot and rolling in his head, laughing. She screamed when she saw her boyfriend’s severed head in his hand and a knife in the other. She turned away and heard it was quiet. Thinking he had gone away she looked again. Only this time….He held the car keys in the other hand instead of the knife.

Story 4:

A boyfriend and girlfriend were spending a vacation in a cottage with the girl’s parents. On the last night the parents told them they could go watch a movie. Instead, the couple stopped at a deserted gas station. After an
hour or so, the boy said “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” But the girl was scared “No!” She replied, “let’s just go in a more open place.” But the boy insisted “there’s bound to be someone who knows us there, and they’ll tell your parents, and I’ll just take a minute…”

Finally, the girl gave in. About five minutes went by and the girl decided to turn on the radio, but the news creeped her out, “A madman is loose, whatever you do, do not stay in areas where no one can find you, he is VERY dangerous.” The girl was worried so she called to the boy “Hurry up, or I’m leaving” (even though she had no intension to leave the car.) An hour later she yelled “THAT’S IT, I’M LEAVING!!”

She started the car but it was stuck in the mud. Tired, she saw a jacket and slept in the back. No sooner did she fall asleep that she heard a scratching noise. First she was scared, but then she realized it could be her boyfriend playing a prank on her. She got mad and made herself cozy. The scratching continued until she was awakened once again, this time not by scratching.

Police sirens were nearby and soon a police car came. The police officer looked shocked and she thought “he’s probably mad because he had to find a couple of teenagers goofing off.” The police officer told her “come out, but don’t look back!” The girl took a few steps, but was curious, so she looked back. There, her boyfriend’s body hung down from a tree, it looked like he had tried to send a message, because his hand was down, and his finger nail was worn out. The girl tightened her jacket as the wind blew, moving the boy’s body, causing an awfully familiar scratching sound.



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