Spooky Legends



Urban Legend: A person makes a bet with their friends that they can spend the night in a cemetery and are is found dead in the morning in the arms of a graveyard statue.

What It’s About: A person makes a bet with a group of friends that he or she (more often it’s a she) can spend the night in the cemetery. The person is found dead in the morning, laying across the arms of a large statue, usually of an angel with it’s arms out-stretched. This legend also included a statue of an old woman seated with her arms out stretched, a woman standing with her arms out-stretched. Variations on this are: as an initiation into a gang, a fraternity or sorority or into a high school clique. The dead person is found dead with no sign of injury or has also been found to be sitting on the lap of the seated statue with crushed ribs, presumably by the arms of the statue. But the end result is always the same, the person is dead in the arms of the statue.



Trapped In The Crypt

Origins: This legend has been told as having happened in various parts of the United States but no true origins can be found.

Urban Legend: A person makes a bet with their friends that they can spend the night in a cemetery crypt and is found in the morning insane with snow white hair.

The Story: A person is dared to spend the night in a crypt in a local cemetery and is found in the morning totally insane and their hair has turned snow white. This one can vary from biker club initiation, fraternity or sorority initiation or a dare between a group of kids. It takes place usually in an gated above ground crypt. The person is locked in with the dead and left over night. No one knows what actually happens to said person because they never speak again, their hair turns snow white and they go insane.



The Too Late Phone Call

Origins: This legend has been told as having happened in various parts of the United States but no true origins can be found. I actually heard this one when I was growing up.

Urban Legend: A woman after her husbands death, receives strange phone calls that turn out to be from the dead husband.

The Story: An woman receives a phone call on a dark, stormy night. She hears a moaning on the other end and a voice that sounds like her recently diseased husband. The calls torment her all night. The next day, she asks her driver to take her past the cemetery where her husband was laid to rest. They discover that during the storm, a phone line had fallen down ………..and was laying on her dead husbands grave! Were the phone calls she had received the night before made from beyond the grave by her dead husband? Another variation of this has the woman dying from shock in her bed after answering the phone call. Then, when she is being taken to the cemetery it is discovered that the phone line is laying on her husbands grave.

Origins: This legend has been told as having happened in various parts of the United States but no true origins can be found. A version of this legend showed up as an episode of the Twilight Zone on February 7th,1964, called “Night Call.”




Ghostly Kids Push You Off Train Tracks

Urban Legend: The protective ghosts of little children killed at a railway crossing push stalled cars off the tracks.

The Story: This one is actually true. It’s been talked about on many TV stations including an Los Angeles, California station by “The Earth Man” Garcia. It has to do with a school bus full of children that had stalled on some train tracks in San Antonio, Texas. A train was coming and was going too fast to stop in time to get the bus off the tracks. The bus was hit and all of the children died. It was a great tragedy. The tracks are located on a curve in the road but the tracks are on a small up-hill grade to both sides.

If you stop your car just on the tracks and put it in neutral, it will slowly start to roll over the little hill and down the other side.

A local Los Angeles, California station sent a crew there to check it out and it was done on tape, with a San Antonio sheriff present. The cars back end was cleaned off of any finger prints before the test was done and after it was done it was dusted for prints. Several small hand prints and finger prints showed up on the bumper, showing that the small hands of the ghost children were pushing the car to get it off the tracks.

There are also claims that this is nothing more than a gravity anomaly allowing a non-moving vehicle to move over a small up-grade. But no one can explain away the hand and finger prints.

Origins: This is one legend that may possibly be true. We have received many, many e-mails verifying that this one is real.



Urban Legend: Old Al and the Pick Fort Shelby Hotel

The Story: The old boarded up Pick Fort Shelby Hotel has stood abandon for over twenty years on Lafayette Street near the outskirts of Detroit’s business district. For years it was shelter for homeless men who would find there way inside the building to find refuge from the brutal Michigan winters. For years the only paying tenant in the old hotel was the notorious Anchor Bar a favorite watering hole for reporters from Detroit’s two newspapers The News and Free Press, it occupied a partitioned off section on the street level at the front of the hotel. For years the Anchor had been known as a place where police, politicians, priests and pressmen could go for a cold beer, a greasy hamburger and place a bet on their favorite horse race or football game. A local street person who was known only as Al found part time work doing odd jobs at the bar. After leaving the bar late at night Al would make his way to the rear of the hotel and re-enter the building through some boards that he had loosened. Al was a one eyed black man whose face showed the results of years of drinking and living on the street. He was quiet and polite but he was often seen driving away other street people who might try to take up residence in the ruins of the old hotel. They think it was sometime during the late 80’s some rotted plumbing gave out in one of the hotels basement levels and unbeknownst to the bar caused all of their sewage to flow out into the hotel basement near the rear of the building. For several years people that worked in an adjacent building noticed and complained about the smell in the alley to city officials but it was blamed on sluggish sewers in the area. The bar itself was spared the odor because it was totally sealed off from the hotel proper and its entrance was at the front of the building. During an unusually rare building inspection the startling discovery of years of accumulated human waste was uncovered. They say that it was well over four feet deep. To the inspector’s horror, inside one of the rooms they found the skeletal remains of Old Al. He did not drown in the sewage but it is suspected he became mired in the sludge as he came down a stairway and could not free himself while in the dark and most probably drunk. He must have died a terrible death of starvation or dehydration while held fast in this sucking mire of putrid foul mud-like material. One of the medical examiners told us that his bones had been stripped clean as if they had been boiled. What the rats did not consume the cockroaches and insects finished. As strange as his cause of death may seem the strange part of the story is that people like myself that work in the area still see old Al walking through the alleys near the old hotel. I personally believe I have seen Al on several occasions late at night sitting in the alley behind the old Fort Shelby Hotel and that was well after they claim he had died. Once after his body was found I swear I saw him sitting at the rear of the building. I called out his name he looked up, stood and turned toward me. I was somewhat frightened and I glanced over my shoulder make sure I had a clear escape route but as I turned back it was if he had dematerialized into the steam that pores from the old manhole covers in the alley. Some people that I know claim to have seen lights moving through some of the lower floors of the building, and a coworker has sworn that he has heard voices coming from inside the building. The bar moved out long ago and the building is now well boarded and secure. The street people give the old Shelby wide birth these days You wont even see them going through the dumpsters during the day like they had done for years. Some claim it is the city steam that pores from the manholes and pavement that people mistake for someone moving through the alleys at night but I know it’s old Al still standing guard defending his turf at the old Fort Shelby Hotel.




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