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The Clown Statue

It was Halloween night and a young couple were invited to their co-worker’s Halloween party. They hired a young teenager named Maria to babysit their eight-month-old baby. It was about 9:30 pm when the couple left the house. At around 10:30, the baby fell asleep. After Maria tucked the baby in to sleep, she went to go lie down in the couple’s bedroom to watch TV, because they had a plasma screen in their room.

Once she started watching TV, she noticed a life-sized clown statue in the corner. The statue was kinda creeping her out, so she got a sheet from the closet and covered it. She went to go lie down again, feeling partly relieved. An hour later, she fell asleep. A couple of minutes after she fell asleep, she heard a “thump”. She thought something just fell off a shelf in the closet. She was so tired she just ignored it and went back to sleep.

Then, the phone rang downstairs. She went to go answer it and all she heard was heavy breathing. She hung up, thinking it was just a prank call from some of her friends. As she turned to go back upstairs, it rang again. This time she answered and said, “You guys better knock it off!” After she said that, she heard a voice say, “I’m closer than you think,” in a scratchy, male voice.

She was frightened and ran upstairs. After 10 minutes passed, there was another “thump,” but it was a little louder this time. Maria knew that it didn’t come from the closet. Then the phone rang again, so she ran downstairs quickly. She answered it and said,” Please, just leave me alone!” The unknown male voice said sarcastically, “Hey, I’m warning the police.”

She ran upstairs and hid under the blankets. After 20 minutes passed, She heard the loudest “THUMP.” She was so scared but she was the babysitter. She was going to get up and check on the baby when SLASH. The clown chopped her head off. As the neighbors heard the screams, they were calling the police.

When the police arrived, it was silent. They didn’t find anything downstairs, so they went upstairs. They noticed that all the doors were wide open except for the master bedroom. The door was shut. The police were astonished when they found a strangled baby and a headless girl crammed into the closet. When they closed the closet, they noticed a chair next to a window in the corner of the room. It was dark so they couldn’t see very well. They went over to turn on the lights and found Maria’s head on the chair with a butcher knife next to it. The policed were especially astonished to find a note saying,

I warned you guys, didn’t I? – Signed, Prisoner

It turns out that the clown was a murderer that escaped from prison.

emily rose

Emily Rose: The True Story of Anneliese Michel

This is not an urban legend. It is a true story about a young woman in Bavaria, Germany who was thought to be possessed by evil spirits and went through a grueling exorcism. Sadly, Anneliese Michel (aka: Emily Rose) did not survive and the controversy regarding her exorcism remains to this day.

Anneliese Michel was brought up in a hard-working, faithful catholic family. She was a typical girl who moved to a big city after receiving a scholarship. Not long after starting classes, this 19-year-old college freshman began exhibiting bizarre behavior, typical to those who were thought to be possessed.

Distraught, Anneliese then seeks medical advice and the doctor tells her that she experienced a grand-mal seizure and that she has epilepsy. Anneliese then turns to her priest who believes that she is possessed by an evil force.

As time passes, it is clear to the priest and her parents that an exorcism must be performed to save her. It was approved by the diocese and began, strangely enough, on Halloween. Lasting for several months, the procedure was very difficult for Anneliese, the priests, and her family.

Anneliese was often violent and her behavior was what most people would find repulsive. She engaged in self-mutilation, attacked family members, ate insects, was verbally abusive, and destroyed religious symbols. This all took it’s toll and Anneliese died a tragic death in 1976, which embarrassed the church and outraged others.

Forensic evidence concludes that Anneliese starved to death and subsequent investigations into her untimely death leads to arguments as to whether Anneliese was really possessed by evil spirits or had epilepsy. Two priests and her parents (who truly believed that she was possessed) were accused of negligent homicide and later found guilty of manslaughter.

This all will be depicted on the big screen in September, 2005, with the release of a movie called “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” The movie hasn’t been released to the general public yet and how accurate it is to the facts remain to be seen. Early reviews are divided and the question still remains. Was the behavior that Emily Rose exhibited that of an epileptic, or that of someone truly possessed by demonic spirits?


The Goatman Legend

According to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.

Of all fantasy-creatures who is said to live in lonely, often romantic places, is the appalling and dangerous Goatman, a creature you should avoid at all costs. He is one of the USA’s most horrific monsters: half man, half goat. He appears on quiet roads, often in the state Maryland, with a shiny axe that he uses for chopping up teenagers.

The police have always had problems catching the Goatman because his strong legs and endless stamina always allow him to get away. No one knows exactly where he came from. Legend has it that he is the result of a top-secret experiment, approved by Washington, D.C. and conducted by the local authorities. Something went tragically wrong.

According to rumors, a scientist was conducting experiments on animals to improve human’s physical abilities. Unfortunately, an experiment with a goat went horribly wrong. A power failure took place and a strange mix occurred. When the smoke settled, the scientist had become a monster, some part man, some part goat. Insane with disappointment and fear of what would happen to him, he ran screaming out into the night. The Goatman was loose…

Because of his grotesque look, the Goatman developed a special hatred for young, pretty teenagers and his life is now dedicated to killing them. Some of his victims survive because they are in cars when the attacks occur. It appears the monster likes to jump up on the cars and scare the heck out of them. When particularly blood thirsty, he chops the tires so they can’t get away. The evil creature then drags them with him, deep into the forest, where he consumes them with great pleasure.

Maybe he is just a story to scare away young couples from places where they can be alone and make out. Or, maybe not. My advice: if you have to stop, lock your car doors, and look around for anything strange. Do not stop the car in the middle of the woods under any circumstances.



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