Bright Headlights Urban Legend 1 and 2

There are two slightly different versions to this story…..


Version 1:

The story is that a new gang initiation ritual has become prevalent in our city. The hoodlums pile in a car, at night, and drive the highways and byways with their lights off. The first person who ‘flashes’ them with their lights (in the time-honored gesture of ‘hey, idiot, your lights are off!’) becomes their prey. The gangbangers then pursue the samaritan and the initiate must gun him or her down without mercy.

Version 2:

This version of the urban legend takes place after a school dance, like Homecoming or Prom. It’s late at night and the girl gets in her car and starts to drive home.  A guy pulls out right behind her and begins to follow.

She doesn’t think anything of it until she pulls onto a slightly deserted road and he is still behind her. Every so often, the guy flashes his bright headlights, so she begins to be scared.

She turns onto an old dirt road (the one she lives on) and starts panicking because he has pulled onto the road right behind her. He still flashes his brights from time to time, still following.

She pulls into her drive and jumps out of the car and runs to the house. She yells “Dad, call the police!” This guy followed me home all the way from the school!

Before they get a chance to call the police the guy says, “I saw a guy get into your car before you got in and so I followed you home, trying to warn you. I was flashing my brights because every so often he would reach up with a knife and try to stab you!”

A true version? Maybe….

It was the first week of December, 2005 and my sister and I were babysitting some annoying kids. Later that night, my mother called and said that one of her friends from work was driving home and she came across a car that was driving around with the headlights off, so she flashed them. The car turned around and came at her with great speed, flashing their lights over and over again.

She was scared (but not stupid) so she called the police on her cell phone. They came and pulled the car over. In it were four guys who were drunk and wanted to have some fun. They said they intended to kill her. Found inside the car were four shotguns. My sister and I had to drive home at 1:00 AM and believe me, we were frightened.



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