This one is creepy….

On Halloween Night

The record skips and the silence creeps in.
The wooden floor is creaking, but not a sole moves within.
As the beads of sweat trickle and the guest starts to ponder
What is that shifty figure, skulking over yonder?

I stepped up, took charge and bellowed out a shout
But that eerie figure did not even turn about.
Ah forget it, I said, its Halloween even still
No sense in letting some weirdo dispense of all this thrill.

I turned back to the group prepared to make a toast
But I stood staring at pale faces and whimpering ghosts
The shock held me still, my glass falls, shatter.
The pale faces start laughing, I can hear their teeth chatter.

I try to make a run for it when my eyes spot the shady figure
His grin pierced my soul. Mind says run, legs wont deliver.
I can hear his laughter, but no sound escapes his lips,
He slowly inches closer eerily waving his finger tips

What follows this motion, I can’t soon forget.
“The time has come,” he’s says, “for me to collect your debt.”
He reached beneath his neck and tore his face off clean
The bloody skull leaned in and said, “I’ll have fun this Halloween…”


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