On Halloween

On Halloween

On Halloween night, do you dare go out into the full moon light?
Zombies and scary creatures are out there with their terrible sighs
your mind will be filled with such horrid delight, while witches on
their broomsticks will go flying by.

Darkness will be upon the street where you and others live
all Hallow's Eve is full of freight and always gives such a shiver
everyone at their door, tricks or treats they do and shall give
and spooky laughter in a dark... dark room, they also shall deliver.
Masked faces and ghost every where you look, never
know if it is real or just a Halloween costumed look.
Your heart will beat wildly with such a loud chatter
and every time someone screams, all your friends will 
On Halloween night stay close to your friends real tight
and do not forget to bring you a flashlight, for you may end up
in a dark and haunted graveyard before the end of the night.
Werewolves and vampires they all do live in there and
always walk with caution, and care or you may fall deep
into their lair.


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