On Halloween Night…..

We approach the house, to trick-or-treat, but wonder if we dare
The porch is dark, no light or spark, to help us find the way
We peek inside, ……..does the old man hide?  We see no one is there
But, we rang the bell, and wait a spell, the door begins to sway

Through the crack, pursued, a room is bare with unclad shades of gray
Arthritic winds have tossed us in, with a wretched dismal hand
The trees bend low, against the house with solemn loathing dread
With branches, brisk, it rattles glass, against the window pane

We look around the cheerless room,  a terrible scent of wrong
An angled light has slithered in, with shadows deep and long
and spotlights what’s become of him, the man who isn’t there…
with a room unkempt, some muffled steps, and as if a ghost might stare

Four vinyl seats, Formica clad, a room that needs repair
The table set, a plate of food, is rotting by the chair
A cup of cold, a cigarette, still smoking in the air
The room depicts, what might have been, but reeks with wrought despair

A parakeet within a cage has mocked us once again
The voice is shrill, it squawks with rage, ‘Unlock me if you dare!’
The floor is strewn with littered seed, where mice have shared the spill
All time has stopped, in ash and dust, the hours couldn’t care…….

We take a breath, too scared to move, for we are not alone
For company, a skeleton, sits beside the sofa’s edge
against the wall, it smiles at us beneath the window ledge
No eyes to stare, yet seems surprised…as if a joke is played

Inaudible, just barely heard, the wind begins to howl
Or is it we, who scream to be back home in Mommy’s arms
Outside the house, we hear an owl, and we begin to run
into the night, into the light, without a bit of fun!
No Snicker Bars, no Tootsie Pops, no candy corn or Mars
A trick on us, no treat it was……we’ve lost our appetite!!


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