Halloween Night

This is a dark and sinister poem that I wrote about Halloween. This is how some thought of the holiday when it first came about.


Halloween Night

Darkness falls

And shadows rise

Moonlight glows

When sunlight dies.

Upon the winds

Are whispers and moans

The bare arms of trees

Reach up like skeletal bones.

Jack-o-lanterns smile

With their evil grins

Their blazing eyes

Are lit from within.

Bats take wing

Witches take flight

Ghosts and goblins

Slink through the night.

Demons and spirits

Roam the land

Everyone beware

The witching hour is at hand.

Black cats and spiders

Haunt the night

Strange sights and sounds

Cause chills and frights.

The dead and evil

Walk this earth

Searching for souls to steal

And innocents to curse.

Don’t tarry now

Don’t turn around

Evil things may follow you

Quiet, and without a sound.

Don’t look behind you

Don’t you dare

The darkness hides those things

That may be lurking there.

Lock your doors

Close your windows up tight

And stay in bed

Until the morning’s light.

Then all will be well

There will be nothing to fear

Halloween is over

That is, until next year.


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