Want to make your pumpkins glow?

This is an interesting alternative to carving pumpkins. It takes the mess out of having awesome jack-o-lanterns but still leaves you with a cool result!



Real or foam pumpkins

Glow Powder – Luminous Zinc Sulfide

Contact paper

Permanent marker or felt pen

Spray adhesive

Spray sealant


Drop cloth or large cardboard box

Black light

Ventilation mask (if the experiment is not done outside)

Plastic portion cup

Tin foil

Thumb tack

(Optional)Empty salt shaker

If you are using real pumpkins, start by wiping them off with a damp cloth to remove any dirt from the pumpkin patch. Once rinsed, dry the pumpkin thoroughly. Draw the face pieces on the contact paper and cut each piece out. Peel the pieces off the paper backing and arrange them as a face for your pumpkin.


Once your jack-o-lantern face is complete, take your pumpkin outside and place it on the drop cloth. If you need to do the experiment indoors, make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area and place the pumpkin in the cardboard box. Spray sections of the pumpkin with the spray adhesive, immediately following with the Glow Powder. For best results, hold the adhesive 10-14 cm (4-6 in) away from the pumpkin and spray a heavy coat. When sprinkling the powder, you may also want to tilt your pumpkin to get it evenly covered.



Pour the Glow Powder from its jar into an empty salt shaker. This will make it much easier to sprinkle the powder onto your pumpkin.
Alternately, you can pour the Glow Powder into an empty portion cup. Cover the top of he portion cup with aluminum foil and hold it in place with a rubber band. Use a thump tack to poke holes in the tin foil… just like a salt shaker! Continue spraying and powdering each section of the pumpkin until the entire pumpkin is completely covered with powder. Carefully shake off any excess powder as you go.

Collect the excess Glow Powder and pour it back into the shaker. Repeat steps four and five to ensure that your pumpkin is evenly and completely covered with powder. After the adhesive is completely dry, spray the entire pumpkin with the sealant to make sure that the Glow Powder stays affixed to the pumpkin. After the pumpkin is dry, your spooky Halloween decoration is ready!



Carefully pull the contact paper off of the pumpkin.

Place the pumpkins next to a black light for an extra bright glow on Halloween.GlowingPumpkin2010-400x400[1]GlowingPumpkin2012-400x400[1]




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