Bloody Candles

If you want to add a slightly gory quality to your candles for Halloween, follow these simple tips.


Using a hot-glue gun fitted with a red sealing-wax stick ($7.50,, draw a line of wax around a candle, then add drips to the top of the line. As your candle melts, the “blood” will begin to drip. (The method also works on vases and glasses.)


Bloody Candles

Simply light a cred candle and let it drip onto the white candles that you want to “bleed”


Bloody Skull Candle Lamp

I found this and it looks super cool. There is a awesome tutorial on but for a easier, cheaper version, you can try this.



  • Large Fake Skull
  • White Taper Candles
  • Red Candles
  • Scrap Lamp Bases
  • Black latex or acrylic paint
  • Other paint colors (mossy green and mustard yellow are shown in photo)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Foam Brush
  • Polyurethane/stain mix (polyshades “classic oak” from Minwax)
  • Flat board
  • Hot Glue
  • Sand Art Bottles (or an eye dropper)

Step 1:

Adhere the flat board to the bottom of the lamp base. This will allow the “blood” to drip onto it and not your table.

Step 2:

Secure candle to the lamp base. You can use another candle to make it stick or even some glue.

Step 3:

Cut a hole in the skull. It must go all the way through to allow candle to fit through. Glue the skull onto the lamp in the position you want.

Step 4:

Put on a pair of latex gloves. Mix 1/2 black latex or acrylic paint with 1/2 water in a spray bottle. You can also use a foam brush and a cup of paint mixture. Apply the mixture to the skull, making sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. Let dry 15-20 minutes until it is the desired color.


Step 5:

Once dry, mix each following color with equal parts water in small sand art bottles: green and yellow and black. Drip a small amount of each color on top of the skull and let drun down the side. Let dry 15-20 mins. the repeat.

Step 6:

Apply a liberal amount of polyurethane/stain mix to the entire skull with a foam brush. Let dry for 30 mins or until tacky to the touch.

Step 7:

Drizzle stain mix onto skull with foam brush, letting it drip. Dry 20 mins, then repeat.

Step 8:

Drip red wax onto the white candle and onto the skull.















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