How Much Can One Heart Take by Amy Deason


How much can one heart take
As its slowly being chipped away?
The broken pieces falling to the dirty floor
Always mended but can never be as it was before.

When the “I’m sorrys” have begun to lose their worth
And pain moves all of Heaven and Earth
The tears of hurt begin to flow
If they will stop, only God truly knows.

When you feel empty and hollow inside
And it feels like a part of your soul has died
Is the prize really worth the cost?
Knowing a small piece of yourself is often lost?

When the lies begin to build an intimidating wall
And the enclosure of trust begins to crumble and fall
When everything else in life ceases to matter
And when the re-broken heart threatens to shatter.

Love is the glue that fixes the cracks
But what happens if that love begins to lack?
Will it become too much to stay in the light
Only to simply walk away and give up the fight.

Will the broken pieces turn to dust and disappear
Losing everything that you hold dear?
So how much can one heart take
When its slowly being chipped away?


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