A few small samplings: Her Darkest Knight by Amy Deason

Two small children playing, their laughter carrying across the green moors in which they play. The sun is shining bright, the breeze is whispering lightly across the tall grasses. Amelia runs, laughing and glancing behind her. Brown eyes, petite bow-shaped mouth. Her dark, glossy hair flies out behind her as she runs. The pale pink hair ribbons are falling as she races through the fields. Sereth runs, chasing her with a quick smile and boyish laughter. His short dark hair beams in the sunlight as the wind ruffles his hair. Bright blue eyes framed by long black eyelashes are lively as he gives chase. One of Amelia’s pale ribbons falls from her hair. Sereth stops giving chase to retrieve the small piece of silk. They love each other as only small children can.

Amelia leaned out the carriage window and waved goodbye. The tears ran silently down her cheeks as she focused her eyes on her best friend, Sereth. Her heart ached for him. The little brown haired boy waved back, his hand moving wildly. She watched him grow smaller and smaller through the dust flying from the wagon wheels. It was the last time she saw him for many, many years.

Amelia murmurs softly, tears in her voice, “And whoever shall claim your heart will be a lucky woman indeed. And should she ever forget that and break your heart, I may have to set aside my lady-like manners and deal with her.”

Serethstares deep in her eyes.  “Everyone pales next to you my dear queen. Your beauty remains unrivaled in my eyes and my heart. I am so glad I stole that first kiss when we were but children. For it gives me a chance in the long run.”
Looking away for a moment, Amelia returns his stare boldly. Crimson lips smile gently.  “You didn’t steal it. It was yours to take. And with that one kiss, it bound me to you forever.”

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